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About the Blog
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I'm a 40-something blogger, stylist and writer with a slight obsession with shoes! The blog is an opportunity to share with you fashion and beauty finds that I love and would recommend for clients or items I'd like for myself.

I don't subscribe to the notion that an age, body shape or size means you have to wear 'certain things' and so include a range of different styles and some really 'out there' pieces (including feathers and bright colours). As a stylist I've always worked with clients to help them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and know what a confidence boost it is when you wear something you look and feel amazing in. 

My aim is to provide some ideas and inspiration for your own wardrobe and I love to hear from you with ideas and suggestions for anything you'd like me to find or feature.

You can also join me over on Instagram, where I share outfit ideas and my own take on mid-life style - which is basically about wearing pieces you love and feel great in!

I have some affiliate links on my blog which means, if you buy a product recommended by me or via advertising links, I sometimes make a small commission. However I am really clear that I don't feature products on the blog that I don't believe in. Everything I share and blog about are products I love and are lusting after myself! 


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