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The Wardrobe Edit


Rediscover Your Personal Style, Shop Smarter, Gain Real Body Confidence

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personal styling for women 

Rediscover Your Personal Style

Shop Smarter

Gain Real Body Confidence

Have you lost confidence, regularly look in the wardrobe and think you have 'nothing to wear' or are stuck in a style rut? Be assured you are not alone and many women feel the same.

However, I can offer you a solution with a range of styling packages that help you to regain your sense of style, feel great in your own skin and you'll learn to not make purchases that you end up never wearing! 

Each package enables you to achieve a look you love, whether we're using clothes you already have or combining them with new key items - all carefully selected for you, your body shape and your lifestyle. 

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About Me

I'm Isabel, a stylist and fashion writer with a passion to help other women re-discover their style and exude a new confidence.

My love of styling was sparked by working on photo shoots for PR clients, providing advice and making styling decisions dependent on the brief. I also shadowed stylists and make up artists on shoots, which gave me an insight into how certain fabrics sat on the body and how to style an outfit from head to toe. 


Post-children many friends commented on their 'lack of style' and how they felt they'd lost their way. I also spoke with colleagues and friends who were approaching a milestone birthday, reaching a career crossroads or retirement were experiencing menopause, had an important event to attend, or they had become a mum. All of them were unsure what they 'should' or 'could' wear at the stages of life they found themselves at.


They all said they didn't know what suited them, their lifestyle and their changing body shape, and didn't have the confidence to try new styles and were fed up of purchasing clothes they never wore.


This felt like a crunch point for me and I felt I had the skills and experience to help and give them back the confidence or style edge they believed they had lost - I undertook an intensive stint of personal style training and The Wardrobe Edit was created. 

I firmly believe you can wear anything at any age, it's about finding your own sense of style and knowing what will give you real body confidence and what won't - something I can help you with. I have witnessed how great you can feel by throwing out those unworn clothes, regain a sense of order back to the wardrobe, easily find outfits, learn how to shop smarter and how to source carefully selected pieces that really suit you and your body shape. 

I work with women of all ages, shapes and stages of life and know that we all have body insecurities - however my aim is to help you realise how gorgeous you are. Body shape, size and age isn't (and shouldn't ever be) a barrier to looking and feeling good about yourself.

The Wardrobe Edit was specifically created to help you find your own unique style and gain real body confidence.



All of the personal styling services I offer are currently delivered virtually - so you don't have to leave your home to make the most of my advice and experience. I can still work with you to recover lost gems from your own wardrobe or find key pieces that work beautifully for you and your body shape.  


Each session is designed to enhance your best attributes and I feel strongly that all women should be able to feel amazing about themselves - personal styling is a fantastic way to start that process.

I offer three virtual packages and have a clear pricing structure which I can explain in more detail before you book. 


Visit the 'Personal Styling Services' page to see which package or combination of packages works for you.

Contact Me

For all enquiries please get in touch via the form below or feel free to send an email or give me a call.
I look forward to hearing from you!

 - Isabel x

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“Isabel is a warm, positive person with a great can-do attitude and an amazing sense of style. It is testament to how comfortable I felt around her, and her ability to not only find items that suited me but to teach me how to do that myself, that I actually booked a second trip immediately after completing the first.

Across two sessions, Isabel achieved in 9 hours what would have taken me months of searching, emotional rollercoastering in changing rooms and time to return items. 


As a result, what started off as an indulgence quickly turned into the most efficient shopping trips ever, and I am truly grateful for Isabel’s patience, honesty and hard work in sourcing outfits for all aspects of my life.  I love the clothes, and I loved my time buying them.”

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