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Lymphatic massage - with Body Ballancer

When you're asked if you'd like to try a clever machine at home, that will give you an incredible massage, and also delivers a range of health benefits, then I'm all in. So when Body Ballancer got in touch to explain how their compression therapy system works, I was first in the queue to trial it.

Anyone that reads this blog and has followed my peri-menopause journey will know that I had been experiencing a vast range of weird and not-so wonderful symptoms. Thankfully my HRT treatment has stopped the majority of them in their tracks, but I'm still struggling hugely with restless legs.

The Body Ballancer system delivers a lymphatic massage, which they claim also offers a host of holistic health and beauty benefits and is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. They also state that it will help to reduce bloating and water retention, improve the appearance of skin tone and cellulite, aid better digestion, improve sleep and aid faster muscle recovery to promote peak sports performance.

I was really hopeful that my heavy, restless legs could be eased with the introduction of this clever piece of kit.

I was slightly worried it was going to be more complicated than an episode of the Krypton Factor to set up (Google that one if you're under 40!), but it was really self-explanatory to put together. Body Ballancer also included a handy guide to help me select which programme would be best suited to my needs.

The machine controls the pressure and length of massage and you simply climb into the attached compression suit - which are like a huge pair of oversized inflatable trousers - and you're good to go! The suit itself contains 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes to target every inch of the treated area, from your feet all the way up your legs, thighs and bum.

The sensation of the suit filling with air and then applying pressure is like nothing I've experienced before. It was similar to an intense massage, combined with having your blood pressure taken all over your body! There were a couple of moments I wondered if I'd set the machine to the correct setting, but that 'squeezing' feeling didn't last long.

After a thoroughly relaxing 45 minutes treatment, the suit deflates slowly to enable you to unzip yourself and step out - which feels a little like a scene from a Sci-Fi film. It was at this point I noticed how light my legs and hips felt after just one session and could imagine if you did this regularly how you would reap the benefits.

The instructions that the team included are very clear that you shouldn't drink alcohol or eat too much prior to the massage, and it's at this point I have to share that my husband didn't adhere to this advice and felt really grotty about an hour or so after he tried it. Clearly showing how the lymphatic massage works to eliminate toxins, of which there must have been many in his system! The next time he tried it, he was like a monk and had a very enjoyable experience!

For me, I found that every time I used it, I noticed a significant improvement with my sleep and a reduction with the pain of my restless legs. I didn't notice a difference to my cellulite, but I'd be interested to see if there is an impact on that for those that use this much more regularly.

For more information or to book an appointment near you, head to


* I was gifted a two week trial of the Body Ballancer in return for an open and honest review

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