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I don't think you ready for this jelly, I don't think you ready for this, c'ause my body too bootylicious for yo babe... Sorry..

One of my clients (who herself is completely Beyoncé worthy bootylicious) asked me to write a post about styles for curvy girls as she's fed up with the bland or 'cover it all' options she seems to find herself faced with when out shopping.

As a girl with unfortunately absolutely zip going on when it comes to curves (my sister lucked out and got them) I have learnt how to use shapewear to give myself some. Shapewear and your underwear is the starting point for your look and if you have amazing boobs, curvy stomachs and bums that jiggle - it's about enhancing what you do have and highlighting your best features not about covering them up. All covering up does is makes you feel and potentially look like you have no shape - which won't be the case at all.

So with shape and enhancement in mind I'm sharing a few tips to point you (metaphorically speaking) in the right direction. Every shape, every size is gorgeous and it's about time we all started to believe that.

If you're a typical Apple shape and tend to have curves all in your tummy area (and sometimes your boobs and stomach meet) then you need to consider really investing in a decent bra that will give you definition between your bust and stomach. It seems strange to say, but a bra with padding is often a great option as you will create a defined space between the two areas.

A wrap top or dress will skim over your curves and if you aim for a dress with a skirt which has a slight 'kick out' that will help to balance out your top and bottom half. Also think carefully too about the neckline and plump for a v neck, scoop or round neck.

Pear shaped curves look amazing when you broaden the shoulders to balance out that gorgeous bum! So try embellished shoulders, shoulder pads (don't be scared I would love to look like Alexis from Dynasty every day if I could!) and bardot style tops to help enhance your shape.

Strawberry shapes do well with clothes that will add volume to your hips, which makes the waist and shoulders appear smaller. Think about trying one-shoulder strappy dresses as this gives the illusion of halving your shoulder size or skirts that have embellishment of detail on to draw attention to your bottom half.

Layering works well on all shapes, but use the layers to elongate the body - if you use a longline cardigan aim for a fine knit and pair it with a long pendant necklace or long scarf to 'break up' the bust line and drag the eye down the body.

I've picked some of my favourite pieces at the moment that will work to enhance those glorious curves..

New in Zara's Spring / Summer range and coming soon are these beautiful wide leg, high waist contrasting stitch trousers, £39.99. Great for Strawberry shapes to balance out your shoulders and bust.

A lovely longline fine knit silver grey boyfriend cardigan from Mint Velvet, £89. This would suit all shapes and will drag the eye down the body. H&M also have great versions of this.

I love a spotty dress and this wrap dress from Club L via Asos, £25 (was £40) is fantastic for Apples who are happy to show of their amazing legs.

Another fab dress from Asos, this one shoulder embellished dress from A Star is Born is stunning, £165. A great option for a Strawberry shape.

This new Shannon bardot jumpsuit from Coast, £129 is one for pear shapes that like to make a statement.

Ooh as is this Aliysia pearl embroidered top, £69 also from Coast.

I hope that's provided you with some ideas to get your shop on and to stop covering up those curves! Celebrate them, enhance them, show them off.

If you'd like to see more ideas for particular body shapes in any future blog posts then feel free to leave comments below or message me and I'll ensure I feature more.

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