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Jump up, jump up and get down..

My gorgeous friend Jen will approve of the House of Pain reference.. Great song and a (very) tenuous link to a post about jumpers.

I've been looking for jumpers lately for a few clients to pair with skirts and under blazers (I love how a fine knit jumper looks for work / going out with a blazer) and so thought I'd share some of the best finds here.

The first is from Primark at a bargain price of £6.00. This isn't the jumper I bought, but is similar and the colour will make it really versatile. Obviously you need to go in store as they don't have an online option (at the moment?) but worth a look.

Phase Eight currently have their sale on and it's got some great options, especially if you're lucky enough to have curves. Their Calanthe jumper is now £39.00 (was £59.00) and the pics don't really do it justice, this looks amazing on.

Another option from Phase Eight is their Donisha shoulder detail knit, now £59.00 (was £79.00). Great with jeans and heels / sock boots for a casual night out.

Over at Zara (because lets face it, I live in Zara clothes!) is this amazing sweatshirt with pearls, £39.99. Available in grey, white and black.

Oooh but look, an oversized cable-knit sweater in red, £39.99.. Gorgeous! If you're tall like me then these are so easy to throw on over jeans, leather skirts, trousers and are ridiculously warm.

Another oversized option, I have very similar and am living it in at the moment. Zara's oversized roll neck sweater is £39.99.

I'm stepping away from the oversized jumpers now (although honestly I could just write a whole blog about them..) and moving on to this sweater with a removable bejewelled collar, £29.99 which looks amazing under a blazer or jacket and is available in grey or black.

The next jumper I'm almost reluctant to share as then you'll all know about it! It's a pearly sweatshirt from Stradivarius and is just £19.99. This is a brand that always has fantastic pieces that are so reasonable it's a real jewel for finding something different.

Sticking with embellishments, Mint Velvet have a stud sleeve batwing jumper now in their mid-season sale, £55.00 (was £79). Lets just repeat, studs and batwing - it's my 80's dream come true. I had one batwing jumper in the 80's that was a hand-me-down (it was black with neon pink patches) and I can assure you I thought I was as cool as Keren from Bananarama in it (I totally was and yes, that is how she spells her name - I am a superfan).

This is the champagne version but they also have it in charcoal (stunning), khaki, bordeaux and petal.

Over at H&M this flounce sleeve sweatshirt, £19.99, is heaven on a stick (well I think so!). Also available in blue..

This fine knit jumper from H&M, £17.99 works well for so many different bodyshapes, available in grey, beige, dark green and blue.

Keeping it fine and delicate this lace neck jumper from M&S is now £17.00 (was £29.50) in their sale.

Ooh now I like this blush cuff detail jumper from M&S in their petite collection (so completely useless for me), it's now £17.00 (was £29.50). But it's only available in a size 18.

Now we're going to have to go back to Zara because I've just realised I haven't shared this with you! It's their sweater with contrast fabric cuffs, £49.99. Not loving the outfit they've paired it with (sorry Zara) but this is a comfort jumper at it's best.

Finally finishing up with my own comfort jumper, this is from Zara (I know, but I did mention earlier I go there a lot!) and is quite frankly bloody amazing on.

Oversized jumper Zara

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