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Return of the mac..

See what I did there? I used to love that song..

I'm aware it's August and I'm also aware that so far, the last few weeks haven't been much to shout about weather-wise. At risk of turning this blog into an ongoing rant about the weather (too hot, too cold, too wet) it does impact outfit choices here in the UK!

I see some of my favourite bloggers around the world sharing their latest finds while they bask in warm sunshine. As we speak I have a variety of clothing layers on and am wondering whether I need to run out and retrieve my washing from the line (again!).

So with the UK in mind I am on the hunt for a new all-purpose mac - one that looks amazing, will keep me warm or dry when puppy walking or on the school run and goes with jeans and dresses. Actually, I've just re-read that and don't think that coat exists, but if I could invent one that I would be on to a winner.

I'm going to start with a really lovely option that I tried in store the other day and can't remember why I didn't get it..

This classic trench from M&S, £89 is long enough to cover your bum (soggy bottoms not good!) and has 'stormwear' fabric to repel the rain.

Or a shorter version also from M&S, £45 which could be more practical.

But if the lighter colour puts you off (as a mum and dog owner I get it, I really do!) then this black version could be ideal, £99.

Now I think this next coat from Mint Velvet, £139 is really pretty, but not sure it ticks my 'must keep me dry' criteria!

Ok, so the clue's in the name but this blue trench from Rains via VeryExclusive, £95, should do the waterproof job.

Or in black £95 (they have lots of other colours, but we'd be here a while..)

I like this this navy trench from The Collection at Debenhams, £19.50 and it's a bargain in their sale but only available now in a size 16.

But this check mac from Asos, £80 is my favourite so far. Just a shame it defeats the whole object of this search as isn't waterproof!

Hmm, I am now leaning towards the Asos option and may just have to invest in a rain hat and remember my brolly at all times...

Happy summer holidays!

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