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Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high...

I will cease with the song titles soon, honest. I blame a life time of writing press releases and coming up with 'catchy' (I use the term loosely, they are never catchy, cheesy might be more appropriate) headings..

Rainbow trainers. I'm completely in love and coveting the most beautiful pair from Gucci, £405 (yes, I know) but it's never going to happen (especially after a recent vet bill when our puppy was hospitalised with gastroenteritis - he's on the mend now and back home). They are from their men's range, but when you're 5'11'' your feet tend to fit men's shoes when required - and this is one of those moments.

I'm a massive shoe lover (have I mentioned that once or twice?), but I can't justify (or afford!) to spend that on trainers.

But look at them, aren't they lovely?!

So with Gucci aspirations in mind I'm on a mission to find a pair that I can afford and won't mind too much if they get covered in mud, rain or whatever else the puppy throws at me..

First up are these from Vans now in the sale £34.99 (were £49.99). I definitely prefer a lace or strap rather than a slip on trainer, but they are a great price and I love the white and rainbow contrast.

Another pair of Vans via Asos £50, which just have a nod to the rainbow.

These are a little more 'out there' but this glittery rainbow pair from Minna Parikka via Asos are in the sale £171.50 (were £245).

Ok, so as per usual during a search I've gone a little 'off-piste' and I keep coming back to these gorgeous rainbow star trainers from Ash via Free People, £188.

Yes I realise these aren't officially 'rainbow' but they do have lots of rainbow colours in them! The brocade floral trainers are from New Look and in their sale, £16 (were £22.99). Limited sizes though, so you need to be quick.

These are a very girly 90's style option from Rocket Dog £44. For me the sole is a little too high but potentially good for someone who's happy with a height boost.

At the other end of the budget are these lovely offerings from Marc Jacobs via, £280.

Another pair at that end of the budget are these from Paul Smith via Farfetch, £295.

Or what about a pair of classic Adidas Superstars £79.95 with a rainbow twist?

We finish with a fabric trainer from Rocket Dog, £45 and not a bad price too.

In truth I'm not going to be able to get the Gucci pair out of my head, but I'm not planning on selling a kidney quite yet..

So top of my list to try are the Ash rainbow stars and the simple Gola trainers too. Alternatively I could be really radical and not actually buy anything!

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