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Sunshine, sangria (if you're lucky) and sandals..

So the warm weather has arrived, although *disclaimer here, I am not a meterologist and not responsible for it raining after reading this, so it's time to get your feet out again!

I have a rather large collection of sandals (I am not advising this by the way, I am just a little obsessed with shoes!) and love the idea of finding something a little special to wear this summer.

These dusky blue slides from Very are lovely and would look gorgeous with a hot pink dress or keep it classic in white.

These plaited slides from Oysho are simple but stylish. Currently in their sale they're just £17.99. I'd pair these with a really simple dress or maxi skirt for the day or possibly jeans in the UK if the right crop on the ankle.

Now I love these, again from Oysho, and meant to buy them but can't remember why I didn't now.. (puts them in shopping basket).

If you're still loving gingham (I'm not, but then I'm old and did gingham in the 80's and don't wish to repeat it) then these are pretty from New Look. Also available in red.

Oooh ooh look at these. Now I'm not the biggest brown shoe fan, but I'd make an exception for these from River Island. They're in their new collection, but still a good price and could take you from daytime in jeans to going out in the evening.

If you like the embellished heel idea then River Island also have it in black. If you're able to wear open toe sandals for work, they could be a good option as well as the transition from day to night.

Not for everyone but I quite like these from M&S. I haven't seen them on yet though so will investigate further and report back.

For something more glam, these feather sandals from TopShop are ideal if you can't face a heel, although move quickly as they've nearly sold out.

Personally I would rather trot around in heels then not wear them on a night out, but I do think I've probably lost most of the feeling in my feet after squeezing them into totally unsuitable shoes over the years...

Another more glam sandal are these gorgeous satin offerings from Zara. For me they always have a fantastic range of footwear and are worth checking every time for stylish yet reasonably priced shoes. Although totally sold out in my size, typical!

And finally these were my own lovely feet (ahem) today in my latest sandal purchase.

Sandals: Oysho

Sandals: Oysho

In other news I'm on the lookout for a particular evening shoe for my girls weekend in Ibiza (in a weeks time so cutting it fine) so will share my search with you when I find the damn elusive thing. Wish me luck because what I want doesn't seem to exist!

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