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The handbags and the gladrags..

Well actually just handbags today..

I'm a huge handbag fan, I think they can help pull and outfit together, as well as being perfect for carrying everything at the kitchen sink in them. I've found all sorts at the bottom of mine (not always a good thing) as they are usually loaded up with bits for me, my daughter (the dog!) and typically there's a snack, lip gloss, hand gel, keys, etc - so they are hardworking accessories! However, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great bag.

Look after them as you would a more expensive version and you should have something that offers you a bit of longevity. Think carefully about colour options too - I'm all for a bright colour, but if you will only use it once in a while it might not make sense. Whereas a more neutral tone tends to work perfectly with everything.

Below are a handful of my favourite new season high street picks, starting with a great 'going out' bag (although I'd actually use this for day) from Zara, natural beaded oval, £29.99.

Next up is a beautiful blush pink with a ton of sparkle from River Island, boxy embellished crossbody bag, £26.

Another option from River Island is this great clutch, which is a great size and not too small (because once you've lobbed in your key, phone, 4 lipsticks and god knows what else they're fit to bursting!). White circle front envelope clutch, £20.

If you're keen on a larger bag, but like the option of it in white then Marks & Spencer have a beautiful hobo bag, £39.50.

If the idea of a white bag scares you and you're still in that sticky fingers stage (either the kids or your own!) then have a look at Warehouse's new shopper - a clear plastic (wipeable!) outer with a central 'purse' area. I love the wooden handle and you can't lose anything in this one! Clear small shopper bag, £36.

Finally, this is more of an investment piece, but I think it's definitely worth it! This offers a real shock of colour, so one to consider, however I love the idea of pairing it with denim, neutral or monochrome looks or even with a contrasting bright colour for a real statement clash. Mini Kensington S bag from Kurt Geiger, £129.

If you'd like to see more handbag options, as ever just leave a comment or get in touch via email! It's always great to hear from you.. xx

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