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All the leaves are brown..

And the sky is most definitely grey.. So that must mean Autumn is here and every blog, post on social media or magazine is talking about transitional dressing.

It's the season that means you might be rained on one minute and the sun might appear the next and no-one knows how to dress to combat it all! So here are some of my tips, which I tend to follow and I hope they help!

I do not have a separate wardrobe for winter clothes and summer items - I don't pack anything away (I know a lot of you do) and surprisingly for a stylist I don't have a wardrobe that is bursting at the seams - as I've mentioned before I believe in only buying items that can be worn in a number of ways. I try and use everything I have and mix and match it to make it all work harder for me and help with dressing for the unpredictable weather!

To layer up, I like to think about a couple of things as I'm putting my outfit together:

1. Will what I'm wearing work with different shoes (so can it work with trainers for the school run and then flats or heels for work);

2. If I have to strip off a layer when I get too hot (curse you peri-menopause!) will the layer underneath work with everything I'm left wearing!

To keep it simple, I've shared a few old outfits of mine here to show you what I mean and then have given some other ideas for items out in stores at the moment..

First up, a very well-worn dress (that I wear on it's own in the summer) but here have layered over a pair of jeans, vest top and fine knit jumper. If I need to I can lose the fine knit jumper and change the flats for boots, trainers or heels. Tonally (apart from the jeans) it works because the coat and shoes are similar shades to the dress.

This Zara dress is old and sold out, but you can still pick it up on resale sites like Depop and eBay. I've linked below some ideas for other leopard dresses - I think this is a really versatile shade and print and I'm a huge fan.

Other options include this one from Mint Velvet, via John Lewis, £119

Or this from M&S, £49.50

If you prefer layers with a thicker knit this is another really easy outfit option - with the potential to wear knee high boots for colder days and easily dressed up with heels. This is quite a thin dress, so I've got waxed skinny jeans on, a vest top, the knit and then have belted it to define the waist. I've then added an oversized blazer rather than a coat (the bigger blazer is needed with this chunky jumper!) - if you get too hot it's easy to just lose the jumper.

I've picked a few chunky knits below - I tend to size up where possible as I like that look, but think about your body shape and whether or not a fitted style might look more flattering and enhance your shape.

I love this v neck option from & Other Stories, £85.

Ooh now this is a lovely one from Zara, £59.99 and the wool and mohair content would definitely keep you warm!

This is a great oversized option, at a really reasonable price from Pull & Bear, £25.99

I hope that gives you a few ideas, but do get in touch with any questions and I'll be happy to help! xx

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